The Good Behaviours new release – and more!
The Good Behaviours new release – and more!

The Good Behaviours new release – and more!

Cloudy in the Gully is the first single from Australian new-old-time group The Good Behaviours, releasing on our homegrown label Peppermint Grove Records.

At the helm of their upcoming album HomeCloudy in the Gully sets the sonic scenery of a misty morning, high on a rocky plateau, overlooking a shrouded gully below. 

At its peak, the sun bursts through and lights up the valley, scattering the clouds.

Sydney based band leader, Nick Henderson, has written a suite of music inspired by the natural surrounds of the Hawkesbury area in New South Wales where he grew up. 

‘Home’ will be released later in the year and reflects Nick’s adoration for clawhammer banjo, contemporary folk music and his band members on fiddle, double bass, accordion and guitar. 

If you enjoy music from the likes of Hawktail, The Punch Brothers or banjo virtuoso Adam Hurt, then you will love The Good Behaviours.

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