Peppermint Grove Studios


We keep it pretty simple. We are creators and musicians who care about other musicians and always do our best to be accomodating.

Full day is $550 for recording at the studio. A day denotes 10 – 6pm with an hour lunch break. It also factors in some pre-recording consultations via phone and prep time before the band arrives. The last half hour of the day is set aside for a rough mix of the material recorded that day. This INCLUDES Nick as engineer and Emily-Rose as assistant plus tea, coffee, and snacks. We also love making our bands feel at home so we can provide a great lunch – we ask band members for a donation to go towards ingredient costs.

A half-day is $350 and denotes 4 hours with the same as above.

Use of the Shigeru grand piano is $70 flat fee per session. That goes towards its ongoing tuning and maintenance. If you need the piano tuned and serviced directly prior to recording it is $260. All other gear is included.

A mix from Nick is $450 a day or $80 an hour. Depending on what kind of music you are making, the mix process will differ in length and involvement. Sometimes one track will take a day. Sometimes a whole album can be done in a day (although rarely). Mixes can be attended by band members. Mixes include 2 revisions. If you want a basic master as well please talk to Nick about your options.

A basic ‘live’ video made by Emily-Rose is $450 for under 4 minutes. e.g: check out Like A Movie or Wild Fire’s ‘Leave To Enter’. If you want a more produced video (with concepts, dance moves, acting, green screen, location shots etc), we’ll need to talk about a more involved quote.

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