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Meet us

Meet us

At Peppermint Grove Studios we like to make you feel at home, because we think being comfortable and welcome brings the good vibes when it comes to recording. Peppermint Grove Studios is based at the home of Emily-Rose Sarkova and Nick Henderson and consists of a live room and control room with an extensive gear list and of course our beautiful handmade Shigeru Kawai SK2 Grand Piano. The studio is situated in Engadine looking out on Heathcote National Park and has a very lovely vegetable garden and pool – excellent for breaks in between recording! Like any studio, it’s good to do your research, check it out in person and meet us. Nick is the in house recording and mix engineer and Emily-Rose acts as co-producer, studio assistant, videographer and client liaison.

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About Nick

In a world where Fuzz Post Rock Jazz exists in the cracks between minor chords on felted piano and lo-fi tape ambience, Nick’s alternate guitar tunings, introspective synth beats and love for all things low-end have an ever evolving place in today’s musical soundscape. As passionate about indie-game soundtracks as listening to 1950’s jazz on vinyl – and as obsessed with hyper-metric tension as song writing genius, Nick has a treasure chest of both experience and inspiration when it comes to his own composing, song-writing, improvising, performing, recording and producing. A highly sought after bassist (upright and electric) with a jazz degree from the Sydney Conservatorium of Music, his music creation extends to guitar, singing, synthesizers and recording – with a special penchant for the drumkit and old upright pianos complete with DIY felt bar. 

Like many multi-instrumentalists, recorder/producers in a post-post-music world, Nick suffers from multiple-project syndrome and has the pleasure of collaborating with a number of wonderful Sydney based projects such as Arcing Wires, Avgenicos Brothers, Mike Nock’s Noctet, Ellen Kirkwood’s Underwood Quartet, Emily-Rose & the Wild Things and Taro 5-tet. Newer projects see him under the guise of 50 Cycles, Twirly Bender and Little Clouds. 

Nick’s favourite things to do in the recording studio include recording drums to his 8 track reel to reel tape machine and then crushing them through his self soldered 1176 style compressors.

About Emily-Rose

From performing classical piano in French cathedrals and klezmer accordion across Poland, to playing and singing tango in Buenos Aires and funk keyboards and synths at the infamous Pineapple Lounge, Woodfordia, there isn’t much music Emily-Rose hasn’t explored. Most recently her time has been spent writing songs with Little Clouds, exploring the collision of acoustic and electric worlds in Emily-Rose and the Wild Things, working world music magic with ARIA nominated group Chaika, growing as many things as she can in her garden and wrapping her head around video production.

Emily-Rose still has many goals before her including, but not limited to; building an excellent soft synth rig so she can flange and ping pong delay her accordion; devising a music video where members of the Wild Things race billy carts and do an excellent roller skate dance routine; and being able to say she actually plays banjo. Despite all the journeys, when yearning for a safe place it is improvising at her piano that brings her home.