New tracks from 50 cycles
New tracks from 50 cycles

New tracks from 50 cycles

Today is another release day for 50 cycles at Peppermint Grove Records, this time a two track EP called The Haze.

Nick Henderson says of the ep:

‘Tree Meditation’ finds its roots in a recording made on a bullet train platform, somewhere in Japan 2017. The drones of the engines and echoing announcements created an otherworldly atmosphere that I had to document. Rediscovering this sample coincided with an urge to write music that was more static, culminating in a night of piano recording in which I attempted to play the same motif for an extended period. 

‘Things’ is a reflection of the first track, a still mirror looking to another image. A synth progression lays the foundation for field recordings layered throughout, including an endless decaying guitar loop and me yelling at an artwork deep in the bowels of Tate Modern in London. 

You can check out the album on Bandcamp here

Also keep an eye out for the video for ‘Tree Meditation’ dropping Saturday 4th of September on the 50 cycles Youtube Channel

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